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Welcome to the Airey Neave Trust

Airey Neave
Airey Neave (1916-1979)

Airey Neave, war hero and the first Englishman to escape from Colditz, barrister, poilitician and shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland was assassinated by the the INLA in March 1979, in the car park of the House of Commons.  He had led the campaign which brought Margaret Thatcher to the leadership of the Conservative party, and his death came a month before the General Election following which she became Prime Minister.

After Airey’s murder, a Memorial Trust Fund was started in his memory by public subscription.  He had been passionately concerned with two issues, the freedom for which he fought, and the law which he practiced.  It was for this reason that the Trust adopted the theme of Freedom under the Law as its main objective.

Today it will support research into topical issues concerned with Freedom under the Law, including the causes for and prevention of terrorism.