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Threats to Anglo-American security post 9/11: A discussion on Radicalistion and Counter-radicalisation. Suicide attackers:

Terror attacks on civilians and state assets has characterised the post 9/11 world. In particular the United Kingdom along with other European nations has become a target for the disaffected groups and individuals seeking to disrupt and destroy democratic societies. The seminar held in Oxford in September 2017 examined one of the most important issues in contemporary security politics – that of the radicalisation of individuals and groups. The workshop discussed radicalisation as a phenomenon of contemporary British life but also discussed ways of countering terror groups at home and abroad. Particular emphasis was placed upon the suicide bomber and the use of IEDs. Participants analysed and debated the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the psychology and motivations of suicide bombers and sought to understand future trends and potential attacks. This included the expectation that the UK would inevitably witness female suicide bombers as well as a continuation of male suicidal violence. 
 The seminar comprised six sessions spanning two days. Academics, practitioners, and research students were present.