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Regulations and General Information

  1. A Fellowship will be awarded for one or two years and must be taken up in the year it is offered.

  2. The value of each Fellowship will be subject to negotiation with the appointee and institution involved and will be paid in quarterly instalments.  The final quarter will not be paid until the Trustees have a sight of the completed research.

  3. No other award may be held concurrently with the Fellowship without the permission of the Trustees.
    The proposed programme of research must be approved by the Trustees.

  4. Candidates should supply the following:
    1. A copy of an up-to-date CV including details of interests and ambitions.
    2. Names and addresses of two referees under at least one of whom the candidate should have studied recently.
    3. A research plan for the period of the Fellowship in two parts:
      I.  Not more than 500 words giving a synopsis of the planned research.
      II. A more detailed account suitable for an expert referee’s judgement.

  5. Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview with a Selection Panel.

  6. Fellows will be required to present a short report of their activities annually, and a full report at the end of the period of the Fellowship.

  7. The work will be expected to be published in some appropriate form  whether it be in learned journals, in the form of a book or through the public media.
  8. Acknowledgement should be made to the Trustees in all publications and reprints and the Trust should be given a copy of the final publication.

9.    The Fellowships will be administered by the Trustees and their advisers and the decision of the Trustees in the matter is final.

10.  The Trustees may terminate any Fellowship because of continued ill health or unsatisfactory work or conduct by a Fellow.

11.  The Trustees reserve the right to vary or terminate the terms of the Fellowships' Scheme.   Notice will be given to those persons likely   to be affected by such changes.       

12.  Applications should be sent to:


The Trustees have appointed a panel of experts to assess and approve applications on an annual basis. Applications generally should be received by 31st October annually with interviews taking place the following May.