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Steady as She Goes? Is No Counterterrorism Effectively the Best Counterterrorism?

2012 - 2013 | £10,000
Dr Kacper Rekawek,
The Paul Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship

Grant to attend the 2012 Annual Human Rights Training Programme

2012 | £2,000
Jastine Mironga,

Lessons of Northern Ireland for Contemporary Counter-terrorism Policy

2010 | £6000
Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics

The Territorial Motivations of Terrorist Organisations

2010 - 2012 | £40,747
Dr Alex Braithwaite, University College, London

Utilisation of Cash Couriers

2008 | £9,300 over seven and a half months
Dr Nicholas Ridley, The John Grieve Centre
The study dealt with the terrorist use of cash couriers. It examined the possibility of a strategic intelligence oversight by international efforts against financing of terrorism in the there was delayed and underestimated recognition of cash couriers in terrorist financing. Information was gathered from operational practitioners, from government, law enforcement and the private financial sector. The study gave an overview of cash couriers, then updated details of current deployment of cash couriers in their role(s) of terrorist financing. Operational examples were used in an examination of three regions specifically impacted by terrorist attacks. Conclusions were extrapolated with a simple overall conclusion drawn, and an overall recommendation submitted.