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2 December 2015

Based on his groundbreaking reporting for Vanity Fair, journalist James Harkin’s harrowing investigation into the abduction, captivity, and execution of American journalist James Foley and the fate of twenty-three more foreign ISIS hostages.

Hunting Season has been featured in Vanity Fair magazine, Time magazine and GQ magazine in the UK. An interview with the author about the book is here at Vanity Fair:

“The most comprehensive work to date on the hostage story…It is hard to recommend a book which offers such a stark insight into the suffering of men known to me. I do so, though – especially to those who still advocate Britain’s archaic policy on never negotiating with kidnappers.” Anthony Loyd, The Times (UK)

7 April 2015

 Neither “NATO’s Foreign Legion” Nor the “Donbass International Brigades:” (Where Are All the) Foreign Fighters in Ukraine? published by The Polish Institute of International Affairs.  
The conflict in Ukraine continues to attract global attention. Moreover, foreigners are also involved in actual combat in the eastern part of the country. Russians, be they soldiers or volunteers, are the dominant foreign group in the war zone. Others, mostly Europeans, constitute neither “NATO’s foreign legion” nor the “Donbass international brigades,” as their numbers likely do not exceed 300 on either side of the conflict. Interestingly enough, many of these European foreign fighters share common ideological roots, i.e., anti-Americanism, anti-liberalism, extreme nationalism, fascination with authoritarianism, rejection of European integration, but these do not, however, stop them from taking opposing sides in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. They, as a group or as lone individuals, might constitute a threat to European security and must be closely monitored.    

7 April 2015

Raffaello Pantucci's book  - available from rec... great reviews in The Times, The Evening Standard etc -

‘Raffaello Pantucci has written a sober, detailed, and invaluable assessment of Islamist radicalisation in the United Kingdom. Britain may be a multi-cultural society, but not everyone feels part of it. Pantucci throws down the challenge: understand what is happening and act accordingly.’ — Jon Snow, broadcast journalist, Channel 4 News

This book will be one of the definitive texts on the study of radicalisation for years come — well researched, articulate, and rich in understanding. We Love Death as You Love Life provides the kind of detailed, rich analysis which is important for students, policy makers and any one with an interest in how radicalisation in Britain actually works.’ — Jonathan Githens-Mazer, Associate Professor in Ethnic-Politics, University of Exeter

4 June 2014

Please follow the link below to read an article by Raffaello Pantucci in the CTC Sentinel