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Professor Paul Wilkinson maintains that John Horgan's meticulous research breaks new ground. His acute understanding of the complex factors that can lead to disillusion and withdrawal from terrorism makes this book an indispensable source for academics and the security professionals.

Walking Away from Terrorism: Accounts of Disengagement from Radical and Extremist Movements

2006 - 2008 | £25000 per annum over 2 years
John Horgan,

A synopsis of John Horgan’s successful book, research for which was funded by the Airey Neave Trust, looks at how and why individuals leave terrorist movements, and considers the lessons and implications that emerge from this process.

The book examines three major issues:

  • What we currently know about de-radicalisation and disengagement
  • How discussions with terrorists about their experiences of disengagement can show how exit routes come about, and how they then fare as ‘ex-terrorists’ away from the structures that protected them.
  • What the implications of these findings are for law-enforcement officers, policy-makers and civil society on a global scale.

Concluding with a series of thought-provoking yet controversial suggestions for future efforts at controlling terrorist behaviour, Walking Away From Terrorism provides a comprehensive introduction to disengagement and de-radicalisation and offers policymakers a series of considerations for the development of counter-radicalisation and de-radicalisation processes.