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The Airey Neave Trust is delighted to announce the inauguration of an annual Airey Neave Memorial Book Prize (the “Neave” Prize) which is very generously being sponsored, for the next three years, by Pool Reinsurance Ltd, the Government backed terrorism reinsurance scheme.  The Neave Prize will be awarded annually to the work of non-fiction which the Judging Panel considers to have made the most significant, original, relevant, and practically valuable contribution to the understanding of terrorism (terrorists are sub-state actors who violently target non-combatants to communicate a political message to a third party’ - Louise Richardson, What Terrorists Want: Understanding the Terrorist Threat (London: John Murray, 2006),  p. 38).
The first Prize will be awarded to the author[s] of a book published in the English language between 1 August 2016 and 31 July 2017, according to the following Terms and Conditions:
 • the author[s] or publisher of the book must submit a copy of the book, either hard copy or digital, to the Administrator of the Airey Neave Trust, in formal submission of the book for the Prize competition, and they must do so by 31 July 2017;• the book must contribute significantly to scholarly and/or other analytical understanding of counter-terrorism, the latter term interpreted as referring to the prevention or curbing of acts of terroristic violence;• the Panel of Judges will consist of Trustees of the ANT, supported by independent experts in the field of terrorism; a team judges being appointed by the ANT for each year's competition; • the judges’ decision on the short-listing submissions and the winner(s) is final; • no serving member of the ANT, or Judging Panel or Pool Re,  will be eligible to have one of their own books considered for the Prize;• an author can submit more than one book in the approved publication timeline; • the book must have a UK publisher involved;• the submission can include books sponsored by the ANT; • the Prize will amount to £5,000 for the winning book;• the short-list for the Prize will consist of six books and will be announced in [September/October] following the deadline for submissions;• the winner of the Prize will be announced in November 2017 at a formal ceremony in London thereafter. Those authors’ books which were short-listed will also be announced at this ceremony.  

Quote by John Giffard, Chairman of the Airey Neave Trust:“The relevance of these types of publications is increasing in an environment where quality journalism has been threatened by new media. The ANT and Pool Re both agree that the Neave Book prize is a way of contributing to the dissemination of timely and relevant quality information about terrorism which will contribute to greater public awareness and understanding of this complex issue.”

Quote by Julian Enoizi CEO of Pool Re:
“Pool Re is proud to sponsor the inaugural Neave Book Prize. As the principal reinsurer of UK commercial property against terrorist attack we recognise the important role that academia and private authors have in supporting the Government and industry in identifying and assessing the unprecedented terrorist threats that we face.” 

Please send submissions, or if you have any questions, to the Airey Neave Trust Administrator at: orThe Airey Neave Trust, PO Box 111, Leominster HR6 6BP